Rivera urged Sanchez to leave "closure" and "negotiate" with Rajoy

Albert Rivera face to face with sitting today Mariano Rajoy and tell you the most you will get your party is abstaining. Where it already is and where remains castled. Rajoy has received the leader of Citizens at 9.30 in Congress. The two have posed smiling for the cameras, have joined hands and have sat around a table.

Rivera will refuse to start any bilateral negotiation table or a dramatization document exchange with the PP , because its starting position is the final, and has been He subraya- without asking anything in return. "Not by Rajoy, but for Spain."

Sources of training orange understand that agree on a reform document with the PP would not make sense because "the arithmetic does not" since joined together only 169 deputies, seven of the absolute majority representing investiture.Therefore, any programmatic negotiation of this style is for Citizens postponed in time until a president and a government first. That is, not the address until after a hypothetical investment, and will at that time on specific laws and reforms.

As to what you are willing to go today Citizens is to sit at a negotiating table between PP and PSOE , as a "mediator" to unclog the talks between the two, but having clear that their vote of investiture remains abstention and its position of not asking anything in return.

Citizens ignores this blockade because he says he has already moved the vote against abstention. Now it's up to others to do something similar, and puts all the pressure on the PSOE and its 85 seats. Therefore, visibly upset by the result of the meeting between Rajoy and Sanchez, the leader of Citizens urged the socialist leader to sit to "negotiate" as soon as possible with the PP candidate abstention to allow "unlock" the situation and launch the legislature. For the other socialist votes would be decisive to clear the way for President Rajoy.

Meanwhile, the party orange he is emphatic when rule out a scenario in which they move to another to drag after the PSOE towards abstention.

For some time, Rivera has been pressuring the PSOE to remove it from "is not no ', but particularly incisive yesterday during a speech to his parliamentary group in open- -re transmitted, which was barely a few hours after the staging of the lock part of Rajoy and Sanchez in the press room.

"Sanchez should listen to Gonzalez , Bono , Borrell, regional barons and common sense, which says that when one can not govern, which can not block the country," chided Rivera, who demanded to negotiate and Sanchez. And he remembered what he suffered in the last legislature. "We can not do the same thing Churches and Rajoy. You can not pay with the same medicine to political leaders who blocked this country , "criticized in a tone of frustration.

The leader of Citizens recognized his "concern" and protested the PP and the PSOE its "closure" and "personal selfishness" and a "lack of responsibility" at a time when Spain has "no time" to wait to form government and that they throw over the terms of Europe to address the deficit or spending ceiling. In that sense, he challenged both to say "whether they are state parties or if they look only for the chairs."

Rivera warned Sanchez that "everyone has to accept the reality 'and that, for the PSOE, is none other than access to" negotiate "with the PP abstention, being the only possibility that can unclog and avoid a third elections. "That ask what it deems appropriate, but not block , " he insisted. "It is not about making friends and govern together, but to live" and launch the legislature.

He also laid the blame on Rajoy to maintain uncertainty over whether or not to present the endowment, which has very angry representatives of citizens because they see irresponsible. To sample the appeal of Rivera, who urged him to stop "wring the Constitution" and set as a date for the debate. It is the only requirement, "that meets the Constitution , " which pose today during the meeting that both remain from 9.30 am. Because of negotiating tables does not want to talk.

Tesla seeks to produce 500,000 batteries a year

Elon Musk has shown this week to the media facilities. The famous Gigafactory Tesla , located in the desert of Nevada (USA), which plans to produce 500,000 batteries a year to nurture the needs of vehicles manufactured and attend a supposed demand for energy containers for domestic use.

At the moment, there is only operating 14% of the production facility , as some 1,000 construction workers will continue to work up to 100% of the Gigafactory, expected to be completed in 2020. The total cost of the installations will amount to 5,000 million dollars, of which at least 2,000 million has been provided by the Tesla technology partner, Panasonic.

The choice of the Nevada desert to install the factory was due to that the US state was the most public aid contributed to the project. Although the amount is not specified, the state governor said he expects a return of $ 80 for each invested.

Musk, CEO of Tesla, said the idea is that when "two years ahead of schedule" is operating at 100% (back in 2018) according to the times that lead currently produces 150 GWh, as a initially develop 35 GWh.

This increase in production will supply half a million vehicles will leave the factory in Freemont assembly Tesla, which lies 330 kilometers from the Gigafactory . This will leave for California trucks loaded with batteries for the Model 3 , the premium 100% electric car, which Tesla has already accumulated over 400,000 bookings and will start selling in the US in 2018.

The Model 3 would carry a different lithium ion battery which currently incorporate the Model S and Model X would be cheaper to produce without its autonomy was penalized 30%.

Obama campaigns with Clinton, in an unprecedented decision in the US

Obama, during the press conference at the White House.

US President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the Republican candidate for the White House, Donald Trump, "not qualified" for the presidency of the country and that "continues to prove" that statement is true with your comments about parents Muslims of a soldier killed in Iraq.

Obama also asked "why" Republican leaders still support the magnate if they consider that many of his comments are "unacceptable" during a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, at the White House .

Donald Trump's response was not long in coming. Shortly after he issued a statement that says that Hillary Clinton has adopted "policies that have damaged national security" and has shown that she is "unfit to serve in any government office."

Obama also justified the start of the US attacks against the Islamic State (EI) in Libya on Monday, considered necessary to ensure that jihadist group " is not made ​​strong" in that country in North Africa to take advantage of its political instability.

"At the request of the Government (one of three in the country), and after they had already made ​​significant progress against EI", the US carried out the attacks because " it is of interest to the national security of the United States ensure that (the Libyan Executive) can finish the job and prevent the EI become strong in Libya , "he said.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unlocks with IRIS scanner in it.

Just have a look to access the secrets it holds the latest and most advanced phone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7. Presented Tuesday in New York, is the sixth generation of the Note range , the product boosted by fever phones big screen in 2011. to standardize the catalog, the company has opted to use the same number as in the current generation of phones Galaxy S.

The device certainly deserves it . Its design is reminiscent of the Galaxy S7 Edge , presented in February this year, with the same curved screen even larger -5.7 inch video and support for high dynamic range - HDR. It is much more powerful inside thanks to the latest generation of Exynos processors and the basic model of 64 GB of internal memory.

Iris scanner

As usual in the Note range, the device also hides a digital pen, the S-Pen, with which it is possible to take notes freehand draw on the screen and now also translate texts with just underline them . The S- Pen accompanying the Note 7 will be the most accurate history of the company thanks to a new peak of only 0.7 mm.diameter. You can also dive to a meter deep for 30 minutes, like the phone.

There are other important changes from the previous model, the Note 5, submitted a year ago. The most significant is the inclusion of a scanner iris that will unlock the phone just by looking at the front camera . It is a system of complementary protection fingerprint reader and Samsung is working with several financial institutions to integrate its platform into the mobile payment Samsung Pay.

The scanner can identify the user by the degree of curvature and drawing the iris, also serve to gain access to private folder within the system in which it is possible to store photos, videos or documents that require an extra level of protection.

VR viewer

A camera resolution and similar to the Galaxy phones S7, 3,500 mAh battery that can be recharged wirelessly and quality a new USB-C connection that replaces the traditional Micro-USB complete data sheet. Samsung will include an adapter in the box to continue using the old accessories and power supplies with the new connection.

The company will launch also a new virtual reality viewer compatible with the device and will feature an opening for the camera, allowing mixing real and synthetic image in augmented reality applications.

The new model Note7 will enable Samsung to compete with the new version of  Apple iPhones , which will be announced in September, but also fend off the increasingly competitive wave of Chinese manufacturers Huawei front, which have flooded middle and high - end phones this year with terminals at reasonable prices. The success of the Galaxy S7 family has enabled Samsung, a leading manufacturer of smartphones , increase the distance that separates it from Apple during the last quarter.

The Note 7 hit European stores in early September in four different colors. The company has yet to release the final price to have the device but could be close to 850 euros .

  • US maintains its hegemony in arms sales, with 33% of the total in the last five years and an increase of 27% from 2006 to 2010
  • China, with a rise of 88%, rises to third place ahead of France and Germany, which have declined in sales

The global trade in conventional weapons rose by 14% between 2011 and 2015 over the previous five years, according to a report released Monday by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) .

The study noted the supremacy of the United States as the world 's leading exporter and the increased purchases in Asia and Oceania and the Middle East , with India, Saudi Arabia and China as the largest importers in the past five years.

US maintains its hegemonic position on arms sales, with 33% of the total in the last five years and an increase of 27% from 2006 to 2010; followed by Russia , which captured 25% overall and experienced a similar increase.

China, with a rise of 88% , rises to third place ahead of France and Germany , which recorded a decrease in sales, UK and Spain .

"Because conflicts and regional tensions continue to grow, the US maintains its position as provider of global leader by a clear margin weapons," he said in a statement Aude Fleurant, program director of the SIPRI military expenditure.

United States supplied arms to 96 countries at least the last five years , with Saudi Arabia and UAE as major recipients -, and its military industry has considerable number of pending orders, as the delivery of 611 fighter jets F-35 to nine countries.

India was the country most weapons acquired between 2011 and 2015, 14% of the total, ahead of Saudi Arabia, China, UAE and Australia, in a list in which six of the ten largest world importers belong to Asia Oceania. That region, where an increase of 26% was recorded over the last decade, captured 46% of world imports in 2011-2015.

Also significant was the increase in the Middle East (61%), driven mainly by three countries: Saudi Arabia, with an increase of 275%; United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

"A coalition of Arab states are using advanced weapons, mainly produced in the US and Europe in Yemen . Despite lower oil prices, it is expected that large arms deliveries continue in the Middle East by contracts signed the past five years" said Pieter Wezeman , SIPRI researcher.

Imports rose 19% in Africa, with Morocco and Algeria as leaders , but instead fell 41% in Europe and 6% in America, but in South America the drop was 19%.

Venezuela was the main South American importer, although most of the deliveries were linked to agreements signed before 2010 and orders have fallen sharply as a result of the economic crisis.

Two countries stand out against the general downward trend: Brazil , the third buyer throughout America, and Mexico , which experienced increases of 35 and 331%, in the later case caused by the struggle of the authorities against drug cartels, he said in the report.

Russia was the largest exporter of weapons to South America in that five-year period, with 32%, followed by the US (16%) and Germany (10%).

The judge has accused him of crimes of passive bribery and money laundering

Judge Miguel Angel Galvez has become the worst nightmare of former President of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina, after Wednesday it has undergone a trial by a third corruption case known as 'state capture' .

Uncovered last June by the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) and the Public Ministry (MP), in this case 450 public contracts conducted in exchange investigated large fees that exceeded 500 million quetzales ( 62.5 million euros) through a "criminal organization" that was intended to plunder the state coffers.

Thus, the judge has accused Perez Molina offenses of passive bribery and money laundering , as well as former Deputy Prime Minister Roxana Baldetti. However, it has not charged them crimes of conspiracy and illicit enrichment, as requested bythe MP.

After hearing the magistrate's decision, Perez Molina has highlighted the fact that Galvez "has taken into account the arguments of lawyers" and has decided not tocharge him for the crimes of conspiracy and illegal enrichment. It has expected the judge to decide in the next few minutes leaving the majority of defendants released, so that preventive detention is an "exception and not the rule." He has also expressed his "joy" by the fact that they have not undergone a process the 57 people asked the MP to be charged.

Thus, the judge has issued an indictment against other 51 former senior government officials , businessmen and lawyers for various crimes, including passive bribery, money laundering, and conspiracy, illegal campaign financing and active bribery are.

Among them are the former Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, former defense ministers and Ulises Anzueto Manuel Ambrosio and former Agriculture Minister Edin Barrientos. The judge has only considered that there was "lack of merit" to impute four others for whom the MP requested were also linked to theprocess, of which one was until now in prison.

Throughout the 27 hearings held by this cause, the judge has been said that during the government of Pérez Molina (2012-2015), "the honest and intelligent peoplecould not fit in public office", so as has he pointed out, pulled people "healthy to put their people".

The plot starts in 2008, three years before the Patriot Party (PP) came to power in 2011, since, according to research, Pérez Molina caught for the election campaignfunds of businessmen illegally through money laundering and once in power, he rewarded with government contracts. To launder the money collected, the network created a network of 24 opaque companies , for which they had the connivance of several banks, whose leaders were also arrested.

A helicopter, a boat and chalets, as gifts

During this investigation, the CICIG and the Public Ministry also revealed how ministers and government officials Perez Molina made ​​him considerable gifts for her birthday, among which a helicopter, valued at 3'1 million dollars (2.8 million euros) and a vehicle of the jaguar brand, the cost was $ 100,000 (91,000 euros).

It is estimated that the former president received from his subordinates gifts valued at 35 million quetzales (4.4 million euros), with the sole purpose of "pleasing" as Judge Galvez documented. Among those present highlights a boatvalued at 2 million quetzales (250,000 euros) and a luxury villa on the beach, whose cost was $ 1 million (907,000 euros), all paid with state funds. Gifts are not only limited to Perez Molina, but also regaled Roxana Baldetti with a luxury home in Honduras, for which they illegally raised $ 500,000 (453,000 euros).

After uncovering this plot of gifts, the commissioner of CICIG, Ivan Velasquez, went on to say that "the PP government was constant manage public resources as if they were owned by a selfish interest of illicit enrichment ". So he said that all cases of corruption are involved Pérez Molina and Baldetti reveal that those who participated in them " were available at will" of public resources by subtracting "big money" to meet the heads of this "structure criminal "with" unjustified and incomprehensible whims ".

Unlike other cases in which it is involved Pérez Molina, the judge clarified that this time you have not used the statement of former personal secretary Baldetti, Juan Carlos Monzon , to impute the aforementioned offenses but has been based on all research papers. Monsoon is in prison and has become effective partner of the different cases of corruption involving the former president, figure created in 2006 in Guatemala which serves to designate the person who decides to bring proceedings to obtain benefits in the judicial process .

presidential couple jailed

It is recalled that Perez Molina was also subjected to a judicial process last May 7 at the Container Terminal case Quetzal (TCQ) by which also is in prison Spanish businessman Juan Jose Suarez . This cause of corruption investigates a bribe of 30 million dollars (27 million euros) by TCQ, which was a subsidiary of Container Terminal of Barcelona (TCB), in order to achieve a usufruct of 25 years of some 34 hectares in Puerto Quetzal. Specifically, Perez Molina was noted in this case of the crimes of passive bribery, fraud and money laundering.

The former president of Guatemala is in prison since September 2015 on charges of conspiracy, passive bribery and special case of customs fraud for a cause in which the Public Prosecutor 's Office and CICIG accuse him of being the leader of the 'case The line ' , a corrupt plot that defrauded more than 3.5 million (3'2 million euros) through the entry of goods at customs.

Indeed, Perez Molina's lawyer, Cesar Calderon has asked the judge for a two processes so that your client should only face a single case for the various crimes alleged against him.

Meanwhile, the former vice president, Roxana Baldetti, detained since August 2015 in the case Line, is charged in three more cases of corruption: TCQ, Cooption State and Lake Amatitlan. In the latter case, which is not involved Pérez Molina, he was charged to Baldetti crimes of fraud, conspiracy and influence peddling by the fraudulent hiring an Israeli company to clean up the lake cited amounting to 137,800,000 quetzales (17.2 million euros).

An affiliate of Al Qaeda in Syria, first showed its leader face, Mohamed Golani

The Front Nusra , one of the main opposing the government armed organizations Syrian President Bashar Asad , today announced its break with the international jihadist network Al Qaeda. The change is accompanied by a new name, but not an ideology rejuvenated. Its leader, Mohamed Golani, justified the decision on the need to "close ranks among the jihadist factions i raised" and not give pretexts for the US and Russia, which considers "terrorist" attack them.

The first news came from the same Al Qaeda . In a recording six minutes Ahmed Hasan, right hand top leader of Ayman Zawahiri network said they had instructed"to the leadership of the Front Nusra move forward with that protects the interests of Islam and Muslims, and protecting the jihad " in Syria. He recommended his Syrian branch until today to join forces against the "crusaders" and form a good "Islamic government".

"The brotherhood of Islam is stronger than any changing organizational link" clinched, on the same tape, the same Zawahiri. A few minutes later was issued through the Qatari channel Al Jazeera and Syrian opposition channel Orient News, a video message in which appeared for the first time openly, Mohamed Golani."Breaking our link we want to protect the Syrian revolution " he said, and thanked" the leaders of Al Qaeda understanding the need to break. "

Nusra Front today called Syria Liberation Front. This whitening seeks to bring other factions Syrian ultra conservative, so far reluctant to associate with the word Al Qaeda . Many analysts have stressed before the subtle strategy of this group, aimed to employ mostly Syrians and try to win the sympathy of the entire Syrian opposition - even non - Islamist - putting the fight to rule, as a subtle means to end by establishing its dominance.
Qatar, architect of change

The press Golani "contains a message out and another inward Syria" said, in conversation with the world, a source in contact with Syrian Salafist organizations requesting anonymity. "The West told that no longer deserves to be attacked, because it is no longer Al Qaeda; the other Syrian groups, tells them that there is room to negotiate alliances," he adds. This source believes that the change of affiliation not avoid being bombarded by the West, and draws Qatar as the architect of change.

Last March Reuters reported that Qatar , sponsor of Islamist militias other raised in Syria, was trying to persuade the Nusra Front - with lucrative offers - to break with Al Qaeda. In August 2015 David Petraeus , former CIA director, urged the Pentagon to consider using the Nusra Front against the order called Islamic State(IS). IS precisely leader, Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, who founded the now former Nusra Front in 2011, which then disassociated.

"It is desperately unlucky, and painfully ironic, that for more and more Syrians, Al Qaeda is seen as a protector of their more loyal than the United States lives , " concluded a month and a half, in the digital 'Daily Beast', the analyst Charles Lister. According to him, the ruling bombing of Syrian civilians, not shunned by the West, reinforce groups like the new Syria Liberation Front and can eventually harm Western interests in the region. One of the scenarios of this phenomenon is Aleppo, the second Syrian city, whose opponents districts are surrounded since last July 7. Russia today offered, 300,000 trapped, humanitarian corridors to leave the area before intensify the siege . Among surrounded spreads mistrust.